Headshot of Jeff Palmer


I began my software-based art practice in 2021, after a long detour through professional software development and management. I first offered my works on the alternative digital art platform Hic Et Nunc, but later transitioned to the generative art platform fx(hash) upon its arrival later that year. To date, I have published five projects there, including notable pieces such as "Dissolution" and "Harmonium," both of which received recognition as Tender Icons.

I live in the Bay Area, California, and I can be contacted via email at jeffrey.palmer@acm.org. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when new works are available.

Artist Statement

I build algorithmic systems that shape my digital and physical works in order to explore the unpredictable nature of technology and its profound impact on our contemporary world.

My artistic vision is centered around a nonrepresentational approach, where I strive to create a visual language that invites viewers to engage with my creations on a personal level, empowering them to discover their own unique narratives through the intricate forms and textures that I create.